Which breed suits your sit­u­a­tion? ?

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Af­ter thou­sands of years of cross­breed­ing, there is a breed or type out there to suit every­body’s taste.

There are the her­itage breeds for va­ri­ety, dif­fer­ing egg colours, beau­ti­ful feath­er­ings and colours, es­pe­cially as a project for the fancier keen on de­vel­op­ing a par­tic­u­lar colour, or who has a pas­sion for show­ing. Some breeds can be dual pur­pose and pro­duce good quan­ti­ties of eggs and meat, although never quite as good as a bird bred for one or the other.

The com­mer­cially de­vel­oped strains for either egg pro­duc­tion or meat pro­duc­tion can be ob­tained from the com­mer­cial hatch­eries in both North and South Is­land for the per­son look­ing for eco­nomic home pro­duc­tion of meat and eggs from their birds. Lastly, there is the barn­yard spe­cial. These are of­ten pretty to look at, come in a range of sizes and colours, are good gar­den­ers, rea­son­able lay­ers in sea­son (although will of­ten have a ten­dency to go broody fre­quently) and will re­pro­duce in tech­ni­colour va­ri­eties.

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