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like a rich soil with plenty of com­post, aged ma­nure or worm cast­ings dug in, and are sur­pris­ingly re­sis­tant to drought, although less wa­ter means smaller plants and smaller heads. This drought tol­er­ance comes from their an­ces­tor, the wild cab­bage, which grows in an ex­cep­tion­ally dry en­vi­ron­ment. Cab­bages, as with all bras­si­cas, like their soil firm. When grown in loose soil, plants tend to grow tall and leggy with loose heads. Be­fore plant­ing, firm the soil with your heels or by press­ing down on a bucket so that you have a de­pres­sion in the soil. I like this method best as the bucket-sized de­pres­sion left in the soil helps mois­ture to be di­rected to the roots of the plants. Make a hole in the de­pressed soil big enough to ac­com­mo­date your cab­bage seedlings and plant, firm­ing in with your fin­gers. Plant the seedlings deep, up to where their first leaf grows out from the stem.

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