What to do with eggs from a se­cret nest

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If you do come across eggs in a se­cret nest and you’re not sure how long they have been there, you can do the float test.

Place the eggs in a bowl or bucket of wa­ter. If it sinks straight away it is fresh. If it stays on the bot­tom but one end raises up, it is not quite as fresh. If it stands on its end it is get­ting old and stale. If it floats, treat it gen­tly and dis­pose of it as it’s a sign it’s full of gas and you don’t want that to ex­plode any­where near you.

Con­sider also the con­di­tion of an egg in a se­cret nest, even if it passes the float test. If it’s cov­ered in dirt or ma­nure, it’s best not to risk eat­ing it. The shell of an egg is por­ous and will ab­sorb bac­te­ria through it, which could cause you prob­lems.

If you still want to crack an egg open and you’re not con­fi­dent about its age, crack it into a sep­a­rate bowl just in case it’s hid­ing a nasty sur­prise.

If an egg rises or floats, dis­card it. Be care­ful as an ex­plod­ing egg gets ev­ery­where.

If an egg sinks to the bot­tom straight away and lies on its side, it’s fresh. If it sits on the bot­tom but one end is raised, it’s not quite as fresh, but still edi­ble.

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