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Poul­try have very spe­cific pro­tein, vi­ta­min and min­eral re­quire­ments, and the base of their diet should be a well-bal­anced, good qual­ity poul­try feed that is cor­rect for their age and needs. From 0-6 weeks, chicks re­quire Starter feed (high in pro­tein, low in cal­cium); from 6-18 weeks Grower (slightly lower in pro­tein, still low in cal­cium); from 18 weeks on­wards Layer (slightly lower again in pro­tein, much higher in cal­cium). If you don’t have Grower feed avail­able, keep chicks on Starter un­til 18 weeks of age, rather than switch­ing them over to Layer feed – the cal­cium level is too high and will af­fect their kid­neys, of­ten caus­ing death when the birds are stressed.

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