How do you find an eth­i­cal bee­keeper?

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Not all bee­keep­ers are cre­ated equal, so how do you spot a good one? Here are some ques­tions to ask at the begin­ning:

What is the pay­ment method?

What sort of pest con­trol do they do? Do they also do wasp con­trol? (this is good for your prop­erty too).

Do they use meth­ods that are mind­ful of the bees’ wel­fare? Things to look out for are the use of blow­ers on bees (which kills them), and if they work at max­i­mum speed, which also tends to squash bees un­nec­es­sar­ily.

What sort of com­mu­ni­ca­tion can you ex­pect? You want some­one who lets you know well in ad­vance of turn­ing up to your place, fills you in on what is go­ing on, and who is friendly and con­sid­er­ate.

What is their pol­icy on look­ing af­ter your farm? You would ex­pect them to have this en­shrined in their ser­vice stan­dards, eg that your gates will be shut, your pad­docks looked af­ter, rub­bish taken away, that type of thing.

What is your host farm agree­ment? You NEED one of th­ese – a hand shake won’t cut it. And it needs to be fair to you, as well as them – read it care­fully.

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