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Check if your sow is preg­nant by look­ing for signs of her com­ing back into sea­son (about 18-21 days af­ter her last cy­cle). Preg­nant sows will birth 115 days (3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days) af­ter mat­ing, with a range from 110-120 days. Most changes oc­cur in the last four weeks as the ud­der fills and teats be­come more prom­i­nent. The vulva will get swollen in the days be­fore far­row­ing and of­ten the ab­domen will hang lower as lig­a­ments stretch in prepa­ra­tion. •

Pigs can get lice and in­ter­nal par­a­sites, es­pe­cially in the warm, wet con­di­tions of early au­tumn. Talk to your vet about drench­ing op­tions. •

Pigs love veg­etable and green gar­den waste but be care­ful not to feed them poi­sonous plants (ie, tomato plants). Pigs also love acorns and acorns are said to add flavour to the meat. Make sure other an­i­mals don’t get ac­cess to the acorns as they can be toxic. Don’t feed green acorns as these can up­set a pig’s di­ges­tive sys­tem.

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