Colours of the bird

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The reg­u­lar blue-hued peafowl is the most com­mon colour you’ll see, but Pavo crista­tus also comes in pure to off-white. Others are darker, al­most black in colour. Some peafowl will be a ba­sic blue colour but with patches of white.

White pea­cocks ( Pavo crista­tus mut. alba) are not al­bino, but rather a vari­a­tion of the blue pea­cock cre­ated by a ge­netic mu­ta­tion. White pea­cocks have white plumage, blue eyes and can mate to cre­ate white off­spring. If a nor­mal-coloured peafowl is car­ry­ing the white gene then its wing cov­er­lets will be white.

Pea­hens are far duller than pea­cocks. Most are brown with a lit­tle green-blue colour on their neck.

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