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These tarts are so pretty and de­li­cious!


1½ cups all-pur­pose flour ¼ cup wal­nuts 2 tbsp co­coa 1 tbsp su­gar Pinch salt 90g un­salted but­ter, chilled and diced 1 large egg yolk 2-3 tbsp iced wa­ter


1 pear, sliced ver­ti­cally into six slices 2 tbsp le­mon juice ¼ tsp cin­na­mon ¾ cup cream 200g dark cho­co­late, roughly chopped pine nuts and sliced al­monds for serv­ing


Pre­heat the oven to 190°C. Place flour, wal­nuts, co­coa, su­gar and a pinch of salt into a food pro­ces­sor. Process un­til wal­nuts are finely chopped. Add but­ter and process un­til the mix­ture re­sem­bles bread­crumbs. Add egg yolk and wa­ter and mix un­til a dough forms. Re­move dough from pro­ces­sor, roll into a ball and flat­ten slightly. Wrap in plas­tic wrap and re­frig­er­ate for 20-30 min­utes.

Toss the pear slices in a bowl with the le­mon juice and cin­na­mon. Set aside. Roll the pas­try out to a thick­ness of about 3mm. Cut into cir­cles and line six, 7.5cm greased tart­let tins. Re­frig­er­ate for 10 min­utes.

Us­ing bak­ing pa­per and bak­ing beans, blind bake the pas­try for 15 min­utes. Re­move pa­per and beans and bake an­other 15 min­utes, un­til golden. While bak­ing the pas­try, place pear slices in a sin­gle layer in the oven and bake un­til golden. When cooked, re­move pas­try cases from tins and cool on wire racks. To make the fill­ing, heat the cream to just be­low boil­ing. Re­move from the heat and add cho­co­late pieces. Leave to stand for 2 min­utes, then stir un­til smooth. Spoon cho­co­late mix­ture into pas­try cups. Place a pear slice onto each tart, sprin­kle with pine nuts and sliced al­monds, and place in fridge to set.

Sprin­kle with pine nuts and sliced al­monds

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