4 things to do be­fore you use your ride-on

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CHECK the belt/s for wear, and that the idler pul­ley is hold­ing the belt/s at the cor­rect ten­sion. •

CHECK blades, safety flaps and any at­tach­ments are se­cure, and noth­ing is loose. •

CHECK the en­gine has oil and the cor­rect fuel in it. •

CHECK tyre pres­sure. A part­ly­de­flated tyre will cause the deck to cut grass un­evenly, or may scalp it. It will also dam­age the tyre. Turf tyres can be ex­pen­sive, de­pend­ing on the size and age of the mower.

Your ride-on mower’s man­ual should tell you the cor­rect tyre pres­sure. It’s far lower than a car, usu­ally around 10psi for rear tyres, and 12-14psi for front tyres. The rec­om­mended PSI is usu­ally also writ­ten on the side­wall of the tyre.

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