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There is a lot of re­search on the ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects of gar­lic on poul­try. It im­proves growth, feed ef­fi­ciency, egg pro­duc­tion and qual­ity, stim­u­lates the im­mune sys­tem and low­ers blood choles­terol lev­els.

Adding gar­lic pow­der to the diet (0.6 kg per 20 kg) of poul­try can re­duce the smell of ma­nure.

“It makes the poul­try house smell like a pizze­ria in­stead of ma­nure,” said vet Glenn Bir­renkott of Clem­son Uni­ver­sity. Peo­ple also pre­ferred the ‘gar­lic’ eggs, say­ing they had a milder flavour than ‘nor­mal’ eggs, and did not taste of gar­lic.

Birds gain the most ben­e­fit of gar­lic’s ac­tive in­gre­di­ent al­licin if it’s fed fresh, prefer­ably minced or crushed. After 24 hours, the al­licin loses its an­timi­cro­bial ef­fect ( you smell it as a strong ‘gar­lic’ aroma).

Dose: Of­fer fresh, crushed or chopped raw gar­lic daily (don’t mix it into feed); or add one crushed clove per litre of fresh wa­ter. Re­place daily. Birds may ini­tially not like the smell or flavour of gar­lic in wa­ter. En­sure they have an al­ter­na­tive, fresh wa­ter sup­ply or add a lit­tle gar­lic and slowly in­crease the dose over time.

It’s best to feed fresh gar­lic, prefer­ably crushed or minced

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