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With your cho­sen heat source, start ap­ply­ing heat to the ex­te­rior side of the glass from which you are about to re­move the tint. The per­fect tem­per­a­ture is 42 de­grees — this amount of heat will re­move the most ad­he­sive com­pound when you go to pull the tint film off. Once the glass is hot to the touch, pick at the tint film in one of the top cor­ners, enough to grab onto with your fin­gers. Once you have enough to grab, move the heat source to the in­te­rior side of the win­dow and start re­mov­ing the tint, re­mem­ber­ing to main­tain heat on the film. Pull the film down­ward, but don’t com­pletely pull it off the win­dow. The tint film can now dou­ble as a pro­tec­tant for your door card when you spray on your win­dow cleaner, and re­move any re­main­ing ad­he­sive.

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