NZ Performance Car - - Weekend Workshop -

This step is ex­tremely im­por­tant, and will de­ter­mine the qual­ity of your job from the out­set. Spray the win­dow with a de­greaser or soapy wa­ter, some­thing strong enough to re­move glues and ad­he­sives. Af­ter let­ting it soak in for a cou­ple of min­utes, grab your scraper blade and start scrap­ing the glue residue off. Wipe any ex­cess ad­he­sive build-up from your scraper onto a rag. You will want to change blades be­tween win­dows to keep things clean and tidy. Ob­vi­ously on your rear win­dow you can’t go us­ing a scraper blade, be­cause you will dam­age your demis­ter el­e­ment. Once the tint has been re­moved on the rear win­dow, spray it with a co­pi­ous amount of heavy-duty de­greaser. Af­ter let­ting the de­greaser work its magic, start wip­ing off with pa­per tow­els, and then rags to get the last of it off. Work your way around the car, re­mov­ing ev­ery last bit of ad­he­sive — the prep is worth the end re­sult.

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