NZ Performance Car - - Weekend Workshop -

Next up you’ll need to get the heat gun out in or­der to form the tint to the shape of the curved glass. Again, this needs to be done with the tint on the out­side of the win­dow. Ap­ply heat from a good dis­tance away, slowly work­ing the gun closer when you find its sweet spot — too close and you’ll burn a hole through the tint. Use your squeegee blade to smooth the tint out once the heat has been ap­plied. With the tint tak­ing its fi­nal form, it is time to ap­ply it on the in­te­rior side of the win­dow. Peel off the clear plas­tic on the back of the tint film, which will re­veal the ad­he­sive that bonds the tint to the win­dow. Spray co­pi­ous amounts of wa­ter onto the glass and stick the tint against the win­dow. Work your squeegee over the tint, mak­ing sure to re­move any trapped wa­ter and air bub­bles. The more lube used, the eas­ier life will be.

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