NZ Performance Car - - Weekend Workshop -

The side win­dows are some­what eas­ier than the rear win­dow — even the fact that you don’t need to crawl around on the back seats is a bonus. Pro­vid­ing you kept your clear plas­tic off the rear win­dow tint, you can use this to cut a tem­plate for the side win­dows. Ap­ply plenty of soapy wa­ter to the out­side of the side win­dow, and place the clear plas­tic over the top. Trim around the edges with a sharp blade to repli­cate the win­dow shape, and the re­sult will be your tem­plate. Find a flat sur­face like a work­bench or ta­ble, and roll out a cou­ple of me­tres of tint, folded on top of each other. Place your tem­plate over the top of the two lay­ers of folded tint and care­fully trim around the edges, mak­ing sure the two tint films un­der­neath are get­ting cut to the ex­act same shape as the tem­plate. The top and back side can be trimmed once it’s laid out on the glass, but make sure you trim the bot­tom and front edges per­fectly.

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