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Make sure your win­dows are clean be­fore you begin. Once the tints have been cut to shape, lay them on the out­side of the glass and trim to fit. En­sur­ing there is no old ad­he­sive still left on the win­dow, spray soapy wa­ter onto the in­side of the win­dow. Peel the clear layer off the tint that cov­ers the ad­he­sive and ap­ply the tint to the in­te­rior side of the win­dow. The eas­i­est way is to slide the tint around to the per­fect po­si­tion with the lower part of your palm, and once you have it in po­si­tion, slide the tint down be­low the win­dow seal at the top of the door card. Use the squeegee to once again re­move the wa­ter and air bub­bles out from be­hind the tint, work­ing your way from the cen­tre to the out­side edges. This process can be re­peated for ev­ery win­dow. If you find the tint is a lit­tle over­sized, don’t worry, you can take your blade and trim while it’s in place, you’ll need to do this as you don’t want any edges that could catch and re­move, tear, or crin­kle the film.

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