3: Mit­subishi TD05 Se­ries

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We are all familiar with Mit­subishi’s Evo­lu­tion line-up with its de­cent fac­tory power out­put and light­ning-fast ac­cel­er­a­tion. Re­spectable power lev­els have been seen from 4G63-pow­ered Evo IV to IX on fac­tory tur­bos, but which one is the best of them all? The tur­bos have im­proved with each model, mak­ing the TD05HR-16G6C-10.5T from the Evo IX the best op­tion in terms of over­all power and re­sponse. All Mit­subishi tur­bos from IV to IX are a twin-scroll de­sign, to as­sist the fast re­sponse. The tur­bine wheel is made from a steel al­loy called In­conel, and the com­pres­sor wheel is made from alu­minium, which aids boost re­sponse due to its light­weight con­struc­tion. The in­clu­sion of the let­ter ‘R’ in the TD05HR-16G6C-10.5T means the turbo spins in an anti-clock­wise di­rec­tion, hence the need to in­clude it in the part num­ber. The big brother to the TD05HR is the TD05HRA, which fea­tures a ti­ta­nium aluminide al­loy tur­bine wheel. Th­ese can be found in the Evo IX RS, and from fac­tory they come on boost at around 500rpm be­cause of the lower in­er­tia. With the use of E85, th­ese fac­tory tur­bos have been seen to sup­port over 300kW at the wheels on 25psi of boost.

This is a very com­mon up­grade on Evo IV–VIII mod­els, and pro­vid­ing you have a tun­able ECU, you’re set for se­ri­ous midrange and top-end gains. If you own an Evo IV, you will need to pur­chase an Evo V ECU if you want to take it in for a re-flash. You will need a flange spe­cific to this turbo if you de­cide to in­stall it onto some­thing else. The flange of the EJ20T-se­ries TD05 turbo is dif­fer­ent, so sorry, this won’t bolt up to your WRX.

The largest of the three, the TD05HR has the big­gest com­pres­sor hous­ing. Bolt this up to any Mit­subishi Evo from IV–VIII, and you will see very good gains through­out the power­band

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