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Los­ing the $10,000 first prize in the tuner Chal­lenge to Speed­hunters would have sucked for Su­per­Street, af­ter the lengths it went to with its en­try. Un­like the Speed­hunters’ stripped and race-ready ver­sion, Su­per Street built an FR-S into a com­plete all-round street car, some­thing which seems to be lack­ing in the scene th­ese days. The body kit was a com­bi­na­tion of TRD Re­lease bumpers and side skirts mixed with (you guessed it) Rocket Bunny over­fend­ers, Ver­sion 1s on the front and Ver­sion 2s on the rear. Th­ese are filled with a set of cus­tom BBS LMs mea­sur­ing 18x10.25-inch up front and 11.25-inch on the back. The en­tire in­te­rior has been re­trimmed and shares the cabin space with with a God­speed bolt-in cage. Of all the en­gine builds in the chal­lenge, the SS en­try was the most unique thanks to the Borla In­duc­tion 45mm DCOE ITBs with 70mm ve­loc­ity stacks. The en­gine bay was also com­pletely smoothed, with a cus­tom fire­wall, tubs, and a wider cowl and en­gine cover, the im­pact fur­ther max­i­mized by a full en­gine de­loom us­ing a Ry­wire Mil-Spec wiring loom. Borla also sup­plied a full ex­haust — we can just imag­ine the noise this FR-S would bel­low out.

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