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The big-name car man­u­fac­tur­ers at SEMA al­ways try to outdo each other, and Toy­ota may have taken the cake this year by sur­pris­ing ev­ery­one with one of the most epic sleep­ers ever built. No­body knew what was go­ing on un­til they fired up a blown V8 with open head­ers that made very loud noises which a brand-new Camry re­ally shouldn’t be mak­ing! With a full tube-frame set-up and sin­gle alu­minium race seat, it’s no longer any good for get­ting gro­ceries, but if you had to, hav­ing your ice cream melt on the way home would prob­a­bly be­come a thing of the past. To keep it in the fam­ily, the 5.7-litre V8 en­gine was sourced from a Toy­ota Tun­dra pickup, with forged in­ter­nals and a TRD su­per­charger added, and a cou­ple of big bot­tles of NOS for good mea­sure. The power count comes in at 633kW (850hp) and is ap­par­ently good for 9.8s down the quar­ter, which isn’t bad con­sid­er­ing the car runs fairly low-pro­file 335/30R18 drag ra­di­als. There was no word who the lucky per­son at Toy­ota was who’s been run­ning that fig­ure, but we’re told that for those 10 sec­onds or less, they’re free.

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