NZ Performance Car - - 1970 Datsun 1600 Deluxe -

STRUTS: Koni ad­justable shocks SPRINGS: 90kg (200lb) Eibach OTHER: Ra­ce­pro ad­justable cam­ber plates, Mad Dat sway bar, 50mm bump steer spac­ers, reversed front cross­mem­ber, new bushes through­out, re­built steer­ing box, Dat­sport steer­ing box brace, cus­tom rose-jointed front cas­tor arms, cus­tom front strut brace BRAKES: (F) R32 Sky­line GT-R calipers, Wil­wood ad­justable brake bias, (R) R31 Sky­line discs, Mit­subishi Star­ion calipers with cus­tom mounts, cus­tom hand­brake ca­bles and lines

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