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My job means I’m ex­posed to a lot of so­cial me­dia on a day-to-day ba­sis, and with that comes some pretty weird (I won’t men­tion de­tails here) kind of stuff. But lately I have seen an in­creas­ing num­ber of ar­ti­cles on so­cial me­dia com­ment­ing on how so­cial me­dia is ru­in­ing the way we as hu­mans in­ter­act (yes, this is very ironic), and also say­ing it’s the rea­son the younger gen­er­a­tion are only de­vel­op­ing rudi­men­tary so­cial skills. Ba­si­cally the ar­ti­cles say that peo­ple would rather hide be­hind their smart de­vice and show the world only small, care­fully se­lected parts of how won­der­ful their life is (think Dan Bilz­e­rian) than form mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ships with fel­low hu­mans face to face.

Well folks, I would tend to agree, but I do think there is a glim­mer of hope for those read­ing this, one that sug­gests we won’t all be­come her­mit crabs living life be­hind the screen, and here’s why. We are car peo­ple! I mean, how many times have you been at the fuel sta­tion chuck­ing in $20 only to still be there 20 min­utes later, as some guy has come over and quizzed you about what carb or turbo you’re run­ning, as he is still de­cid­ing on one for his project. Or how of­ten have you struck up a ran­dom con­ver­sa­tion with a car owner at an event as you sim­ply like the style of their ride. Car peo­ple are nat­u­rally an in­quis­i­tive bunch, and it’s this com­mon love of car cul­ture that will al­ways have us drop­ping our phones to ex­tend an arm for a hand­shake and a spur-of-the-mo­ment con­ver­sa­tion with some­one we have never met. Then some time in the fu­ture find­ing our­selves at that per­son’s house for­go­ing the nightly fix of brain rot (TV) to help them pull apart or piece to­gether their project.

Even if you can’t speak the same lan­guage, the love of cars has al­ways brought peo­ple to­gether to so­cial­ize with­out the need for a screen and an app to fa­cil­i­tate the trans­ac­tion. It’s this part of the cul­ture that I love the most — meet­ing new peo­ple face to face. I have made many life­time mates through cars, and in fact it was one of those ran­dom hand­shake/con­vos with past edi­tor Peter Kelly about his old Im­pala that put me in the edi­tor’s chair to­day. So while so­cial me­dia is great and all, don’t for­get to put down the phone once in a while and keep this great cul­ture we all know and love alive and kick­ing, you never know where it may lead.

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