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Com­ing back from a week away in Mel­bourne changed my per­spec­tive once again. You see, the last time I was in Mel­bourne I went over there to get away from ev­ery­thing, and retreat for a while. This time was oddly sim­i­lar, but on a more pos­i­tive note. I went over with the po­ten­tial goal of mov­ing over­seas and trav­el­ling a bit more, yet came home lov­ing New Zealand, and re­al­iz­ing we ac­tu­ally have a re­ally good thing go­ing on.

It amazed me to find so few mod­i­fied cars in Vic­to­ria State. Walk­ing around Auck­land CBD, you’d eas­ily spot six or more dif­fer­ent su­per­cars over the course of one day. Walk­ing around Mel­bourne, you’re more likely to see Cam­rys, a cou­ple of HSVs and trams. It’s an odd thought that we’re so used to hav­ing clas­sic, mod­i­fied and lux­u­ri­ous cars around us that you have to go over­seas to re­ally drive home how much of a car-based coun­try we are. Un­like Mel­bourne res­i­dents, we weren’t raised on public trans­port, and the prospect of it de­vel­op­ing fur­ther seems to re­cede by the day. Maybe it’s time for old Lenny Brown to re­al­ize that three lanes wide both sides to Hamil­ton is the way to do it. Ei­ther that, or some­one had bet­ter start spend­ing a shit­load of our money re­ally quickly on throw­ing down some new bus and rail sys­tems. Not that it’ll make the morn­ing com­mute from Pukekohe to Pon­sonby any quicker …

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