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ASD has a CNC ma­chin­ing fa­cil­ity, and parts that are CNC ma­chined in-house form a con­sid­er­able pro­por­tion of the com­pany’s re­tail cat­a­logue. When it came to the Hoon­i­corn build, how­ever, the CNC work was out­sourced. “We could have per­formed the CNC ma­chin­ing re­quired by the build, but be­cause of the amount of ma­chin­ing re­quired and the build timeline, we wouldn’t have got those com­po­nents out of one ma­chine at the right time, and in the right or­der,” Ian said. “We sent the job files out and said, ‘We need x amount of th­ese and x amount of th­ese’. That way, we could time the com­po­nents that were de­signed in CAD so that those com­po­nents ar­rived at the right time to suit where the car was at, as the build was hap­pen­ing.”

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