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20x10.5-inch Weds Mav­er­ick 709Ms, 255/35R20 Nitto NT05

Wheel choice is im­por­tant if we are go­ing to clear the enor­mous brakes the RC-F will run. This be­ing said, a set of 20 by 10.5-inch Weds Mav­er­ick 709Ms will be tucked un­der the guards all round, and wrapped in Nitto NT05 tyres mea­sur­ing 255/35R20. With discs com­ing in at a very large 380mm up front and 345 down the back, it would take some se­ri­ous com­pe­ti­tion to one-up th­ese items, es­pe­cially given they’re com­bined with large six-pot calipers front and four-pot rears, but hey, we’ll have a crack. The stan­dard front brak­ing gear will be re­placed with a pair of Rac­ingMONO6GT calipers from End­less, and 400mm by 36mm ce­ramic car­bon discs, while down the back a set of Rac­ingMONO6R calipers will be used, but with 370mm by 27mm discs. End­less W008 com­pound brake pads will be used to cre­ate the fric­tion needed to haul the large coupé up.

As we men­tioned ear­lier, the 5000cc V8 en­gine out­puts very de­cent power from the fac­tory, and it has been de­signed to be ex­tremely re­spon­sive and torquey through­out the rev range. De­cid­ing how we would im­prove upon th­ese fac­tory at­tributes was very dif­fi­cult, as we didn’t want to lose what the RC-F is so fa­mous for. All the plas­tic-fan­tas­tic cov­ers will be re­moved, along with the fac­tory in­take man­i­folds, which will then have the in­take run­ners re­moved in favour of eight highly-pol­ished in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies with trum­pets. Bisi­moto-style ram-horn head­ers will be fab­ri­cated out of ti­ta­nium, and then left with the burned look they’re so fa­mous for. The fuse box, along with any other un­nec­es­sary en­gine-bay com­po­nen­try, will ei­ther be moved un­der the dash, or re­moved com­pletely — the re­sult, a highly pol­ished, highly glossy and smoothed en­gine bay.

Power out­put won’t have in­creased that much, maybe 30–40kW at the wheels, but it will sound even bet­ter than it did al­ready, and re­tain the fa­mous Lexus re­li­a­bil­ity. With ev­ery­thing sorted we just need to up­date the cabin a touch. Edirb 061 seats, a new range from Bride, will be in­stalled up front to give us a bit more hold­ing ca­pa­bil­ity, and that would con­clude our wild Lexus RC-F.

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