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NZPC: Hi Ni­cole, how long has Mil­wau­kee Tools been in op­er­a­tion in New Zealand?

Ni­cole: Although Mil­wau­kee Tools has been around glob­ally for 90 years, it has only been in New Zealand for around 25 years. Since 2005, with the launch of lithium-ion in power tools, the cord­less range has re­ally grown in the New Zealand mar­ket.

NZPC: What is Mil­wau­kee’s mission state­ment, and how does it work to­wards that mission on a day- to- day ba­sis?

Ni­cole: Mil­wau­kee’s am­bi­tion is to have all of its tools on ev­ery job site and in ev­ery tool box. We work in a way that al­lows our Job Site So­lu­tion team to visit tradies on the job site, an­a­lyze the tools be­ing used, and pro­vide them with in­for­ma­tion that would make their job eas­ier and more cost ef­fec­tive. We don’t sell di­rect, but have a very strong chan­nel strat­egy in the way we come to mar­ket, en­abling loyal cus­tomers ac­cess to sharp pro­mo­tional pric­ing and a wide range avail­able.

NZPC: What has Mil­wau­kee done to stay ahead of the game and adapt to the needs of lo­cal New Zealand trades­men and DIY folk?

Ni­cole: Mil­wau­kee has a strong po­si­tion to pro­vide the best-in-class per­for­mance for the industrial and com­mer­cial trades­man. Prod­ucts have been de­vel­oped by an­a­lyz­ing and testing with trades­men, en­abling us to have end user–de­manded so­lu­tions. Prod­ucts are built from the ground up, keep­ing in mind the ever-chang­ing mar­ket­place, and the idea to have the right tool for the job. Prod­ucts are ranged in a way to en­able tradies to buy into a volt­age sys­tem that is suit­able for the job, once a bat­tery is owned, it en­ables the user to add to the sys­tem with ‘bare tools’, there­fore be­ing more cost ef­fec­tive.

NZPC: What are Mil­wau­kee’s poli­cies on par­al­lel- im­ported prod­ucts and fac­tory- re­fur­bished units?

Ni­cole: Mil­wau­kee New Zealand op­er­ates and runs as a global brand and works very fast to bring prod­ucts into the New Zealand mar­ket which are suited to end users. As a com­pany we de­velop and work very closely with NZ reg­u­la­tions to make sure all safety and reg­u­la­tion stan­dards are met and reg­is­tered. Un­for­tu­nately there are par­al­lel im­porters who think it is best that they bring in a limited range with­out pro­vid­ing the full ser­vice that Mil­wau­kee New Zealand of­fers, and think they can get away with it. Mil­wau­kee New Zealand does not war­ranty or ser­vice prod­ucts that are not sold through au­tho­rized Mil­wau­kee re­tail stores. We can clearly iden­tify which prod­ucts are pur­chased through par­al­lel im­porters.

NZPC: Does Mil­wau­kee of­fer any sort of ex­tended war­ranty for its lo­cally sold prod­ucts?

Ni­cole: Mil­wau­kee has a strong trade war­ranty in the mar­ket­place, of­fer­ing five years on cord­less tools, two years on bat­ter­ies and three years on corded tool prod­ucts.

NZPC: Thank you so much for talk­ing with us Ni­cole, we re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate your time.

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