NZ Performance Car - - 2013 Honda Integra Type S (Dc5) -

Daniel has re­cently re­solved the ex­ter­nal waste­gate is­sue and in­stalled a 60mm Tur­bosmart unit, which will al­low him to run the turbo well into its ef­fi­ciency range, so power lev­els are ex­pected to climb well over his goal tar­get of 500kW at the wheels on pump gas. If there weren’t peo­ple like Daniel out there prov­ing to peo­ple that in­sane goals can be reached, we’d all still be driv­ing bor­ing nana-mo­biles with next to no mod­i­fi­ca­tions. So, who out there is go­ing to do one bet­ter than Daniel, and build some­thing even more pow­er­ful that can be daily driven? DRIVER/OWNER: Daniel Tok

AGE: 27 LO­CA­TION: Auck­land OC­CU­PA­TION: Stu­dent BUILD TIME: Two years LENGTH OF OWN­ER­SHIP: Three years THANKS: Lin Chen at CDM for the rebuild, the tun­ing, and the af­ford­able prices; Jacky Tse at JTune Au­to­mo­tive for

the parts and help along the way; Ron­nie Lim for the cus­tom man­i­fold, in­ter­cooler pip­ing, and cus­tom fuel setup.

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