NZ Performance Car - - 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Vii (Ct9a) -

flex-fuel sen­sor. Four 1850cc FIC in­jec­tors flow enough of the good stuff to churn out 443kW (594hp) at the wheels on 30psi of boost with E85 and 360kW (482hp) on 98 oc­tane, tuned at E&H Mo­tors.

Is it an Evo VII, VIII, or is it a IX? We know that’s what you’re won­der­ing, and yes it is an Evo VII, but the body has had ex­ten­sive mod­i­fi­ca­tions to keep you guess­ing. Shoneel de­cided to take dif­fer­ent sec­tions from later model CT9A Evos to pro­duce what he thinks is the per­fect look­ing com­bi­na­tion. The rear bumper and tail lights are from an Evo IX and the head­lights, boot and car­bon fi­bre spoiler are from an Evo VIII MR. To aid in the al­ready ag­gres­sive Evo ap­pear­ance, a C-West front bumper has been in­stalled along with Vol­tex-style wide front guards, Vol­tex-style car­bon fi­bre vented bon­net, and a car­bon fi­bre vor­tex gen­er­a­tor. To fin­ish the body off, Shoneel had the Evo re­sprayed in the fac­tory rally red hue. In terms of wheels, 18x9.5-inch Rota Grids wrapped in stretched Falken FK452 tyres have been bolted to the fac­tory Brem­bos and fill the wide guards per­fectly. “I will need to switch to semi slicks soon as it wheel spins all four with the new power fig­ure, and I haven’t even been harsh with it,” Shoneel muses.

Out-of-the-box han­dling is fan­tas­tic in the CT9A Evos, but com­bined with a qual­ity set of coilovers such as the BCs Shoneel runs, it im­proves con­sid­er­ably. Once the Evo has seen the track, Shoneel will have a much bet­ter idea about what ar­eas will need at­ten­tion next, but al­ready he can tell us: wider guards, cam­ber arms and slicks will be his next move, along with more power. It’s clear this build is far from fin­ished as Shoneel ex­plains, “I’m look­ing for­ward to hit­ting my new 500kW goal this year. Make no mis­take though, the aim is to reach that level with a car that is daily driven, has good re­sponse and re­li­a­bil­ity. I do think the fac­tory five-speed gear­box will find its limit soon.”

18x9.5-inch Rota Grids 225/40R18 Falken FK452

One of the big­gest around, the BorgWarner EFR 8374 has been seen on sev­eral suc­cess­ful time attack Evos in Australia in­clud­ing the Sierra Sierra Evo. Shoneel plans to wind the wick up to around 40psi, which on E85 should net the 2300cc 4G63 around 500kW (670hp) at the wheels

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