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We tune a lot of cars here at Jtune, and we don’t see any rea­son you should not run a blow-off valve of some sort. BOVs help a great deal with in­creas­ing the tur­bocharger’s longevity, but nowa­days th­ese new-gen­er­a­tion ball-bear­ing tur­bos aren’t as es­sen­tial for what peo­ple nor­mally in­stall them for — which is turbo lag be­tween gear changes. The only is­sue we have with BOVs is when they are in­stalled on a ve­hi­cle such as a Nis­san Sky­line, Subaru WRX, or the early Mit­subishis, which run air­flow me­ters. Ventto-at­mos­phere BOVs have a huge af­fect on th­ese ve­hi­cles; the most com­mon are stalling prob­lems at the lights, and run­ning overly rich — of­ten caus­ing back­fires and flames. There are a cou­ple of meth­ods to rem­edy this — the first is run­ning an A’PEXi SAFC, which has a built-in func­tion that can de­lay the air­flow me­ter sig­nal. By de­lay­ing the sig­nal, the car won’t overfuel af­ter dump­ing the air — and once you’re back on the throt­tle the ECU will have the cor­rect amount of air and fuel. The sec­ond method is by us­ing a BOV which is half vent-to-at­mos­phere, and half plumb­back. This way, you get the sound and the per­for­mance. We rec­om­mend run­ning the fac­tory BOV plumbed back in, un­less you’re run­ning more boost, or you have deleted the air­flow me­ter. We’ve found HKS, TiAL and GReddy items to be the most re­li­able — avoid replica items wher­ever pos­si­ble.

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