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Christchurch-based tun­ing com­pany RE Sin­clair are lead­ers in ro­tary tun­ing, but that’s only the half of it. Although they are ex­perts when it comes to re­build­ing, up­grad­ing, and tun­ing your ro­tary, RE Sin­clair can tune al­most any­thing else you’ve built. Mak­ing use of their four-wheeldrive–ca­pa­ble Dyno Dy­nam­ics dyno, RE Sin­clair can tune your GT-R, Subaru WRX, Mit­subishi Evo, Holden, and even your rally or su­per­stock car. ECU flash­ing of mod­ern ve­hi­cles such as Hold­ens, Nis­sans, and Mit­subishis can also be done in-house by the ex­pe­ri­enced team.

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