NZ Performance Car - - 1984 Toyota Hilux Single Cab -

to the mas­sive tyres via the Toy­ota R151F gear­box, which seems to fault­lessly han­dle the ex­tra torque the V8 pro­duces.

If we told you noth­ing on this truck was sec­ond hand (run­ning gear aside), would you be­lieve us? Joel had a vi­sion with his Hilux, and didn’t want to skimp on qual­ity, so most things had to be sourced new from over­seas. A late ’90s Surf dash was in­stalled in the cabin, along with brand-new car­pet and Re­caro Fish­net seats for com­fort. The gauge clus­ter now reads 8000km, which is what the Hilux has trav­elled since the build — a nice touch.

So what has Joel got planned for the ute now? Un­for­tu­nately for all you mudthirsty hooli­gans, he won’t be tak­ing this Hilux out in the dirt any time soon.“The truck’s too mint to take out in the mud at present. I will just take it out on the week­ends and en­joy it for now. It will be get­ting forged some time in the near fu­ture, so you can ex­pect to see power near 559kW (750hp), which is what the en­gine is set up for.” DRIVER/OWNER: Joel Oswald

32 Auck­land, North

Shore Two years WHEELS: 16x8-inch Mickey Thomp­son Clas­sic III TYRES: 33-inch Mickey Thomp­son Baja MTZ

The un­der­car­riage is as im­pres­sive as the en­gine bay. There is cus­tom fab­ri­ca­tion ev­ery­where, no­tably the stain­less-steel ra­di­a­tor pip­ing, four-inch ex­haust sys­tem and the highly de­tailed chas­sis and sus­pen­sion com­po­nen­try

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