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The PCD (pitch cir­cle di­am­e­ter) of a wheel refers to the di­am­e­ter of an imag­i­nary cir­cle drawn through the cen­tre of the stud holes on the mount­ing face of the wheel. If the wheel has an even num­ber of bolt holes, in other words it’s a four-, sixor eight-stud, you sim­ply mea­sure be­tween two op­pos­ing holes. If the wheel is a five-stud there are two ways to cal­cu­late this. Ei­ther you sim­ply draw an imag­i­nary cir­cle through the cen­tres of the five bolt-holes, and mea­sure the di­am­e­ter, or you mea­sure the dis­tance be­tween two neigh­bour­ing holes and mul­ti­ply by 1.701. As an ex­am­ple, 5x114.3 would in­di­cate the wheel is a five-stud with a PCD of 114.3m m.

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