NZ Performance Car - - 1988 Levin Gtz -

MODEL: Toy­ota 7A-FE, 1800cc,

four-cylin­der BLOCK: MRP 1900cc stro­ker kit, 90mm MRP bil­let 4340 cus­tom crank, MRP bil­let 4340 long-rod set-up, cus­tom MRP CP pis­tons, MRP crank gir­dle, Toda bil­let

oil-pump gears HEAD: Fac­tory 20-valve black-top head, cus­tom 7/16 ARP

head studs, TRD head gas­ket, Su­pertech valve springs, Tomei VVT Pon­cams, Gates Rac­ing

tim­ing belt, IN­TAKE: Fac­tory in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies bored to 47mm, MRP two-piece plenum with

ve­loc­ity stacks, TURBO: Tur­bo­net­ics T3/T4 bil­let with bil­let com­pres­sor wheel,

cus­tom twin-scroll man­i­fold WASTE­GATE: Two 38mm TiAL

waste­gates FUEL: E85 AEM in-tank fuel

pump, surge tank, 1250cc Fuel In­jec­tor Clinic in­jec­tors, Aero­mo­tive fuel-pres­sure reg­u­la­tor, mod­i­fied fac­tory

fuel tank IG­NI­TION: M&W ca­pac­i­tordis­charge ig­ni­tion, Mag­necor ig­ni­tion leads, Denso spark plugs,

Mit­subishi Evo coil packs EX­HAUST: Three-inch stain­less

steel sys­tem, Varex muf­fler COOL­ING: HDi GT2 tube and fin in­ter­cooler, Se­trab oil cooler, MRP ther­mo­static adapter plate, Audi al­loy ra­di­a­tor with swirl pot, 10-inch elec­tric fan, eight-inch

elec­tric fan ECU: Autronic SMC OTHER: Cus­tom al­loy catch-can

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