NZ Performance Car - - 1981 Toyota Starlet (KP60) -

EN­GINE: Gen-five Toy­ota 3SGE black-top, 2000cc, four-cylin­der BLOCK: SXE10 short block, 86x86mm bore and stroke HEAD: SXE10 titanium valves, SXE10 cams, Toda cam pul­leys,

head shaved 0.3mm, port and pol­ished in­take and ex­haust ports,

deleted VVT-i IN­TAKE: Toy­ota 45mm (black-top) 4AGE throt­tle bod­ies, al­loy adapter plate, car­bon trum­pets, port

matched in­take tract EX­HAUST: Four-into-one 1-inch head­ers, 2.25-inch col­lec­tor — 2.5-inch straight through, twin cham­bered muf­flers, twin

two-inch side-exit pipes FUEL: 26-litre al­loy fuel cell, twolitre surge tank, Toy­ota AE111 in­tank lift pump, Bosch 044 pres­sure pump, Tomei fuel-pres­sure

reg­u­la­tor, SXE10 in­jec­tors IG­NI­TION: SXE10 coil on plug,

irid­ium plugs ECU: Link G4+ Atom, mo­tor­sport

spec wiring loom COOL­ING: Fab­ri­cated ra­di­a­tor, twin seven-inch elec­tric fans, mod­i­fied cool­ing-sys­tem hoses, braided by­pass hoses with AN fit­tings, SXE10 ther­mo­stat, 1.1-bar ra­di­a­tor

cap, Mo­cal oil cooler EX­TRA: Pace dry-sump pump,

Pace dry-sump tank, Fraser­spec cast al­loy dry-sump pan,

Fraser-spec al­loy front cover, re­mote-mount oil fil­ter, Wide­band O2 sen­sor, -10 oil breathers, al­loy catch-can, Toy­ota 2E al­ter­na­tor

(re­duced-ra­tio pul­ley)

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