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Be­fore you go any fur­ther, we’d ad­vise that you upgrade your fac­tory fuel pump to keep up. A me­chan­i­cal com­po­nent in­side the fuel pump — which phys­i­cally lets through more fuel — will need re­plac­ing. This is def­i­nitely a job for a trusted me­chanic.

Once your Mazda MPS has some sort of tun­ing soft­ware in­stalled, such as the Ac­cess­port by Cobb, it’ll be time to start up­grad­ing. In­stead of do­ing an ex­haust sys­tem straight away, as you would have for the turbo cars of the ’90s, start by re­plac­ing the down­pipe and mid­pipe off the turbo. Th­ese are by far the most re­stric­tive com­po­nents on the en­gine, thanks to the cats, and will net you the most gains. Most af­ter­mar­ket down­pipes re­place the fac­tory down­pipe and front pipe as one unit and flow much bet­ter. Peo­ple have seen around 20 to 25kW from just step­ping up th­ese com­po­nents.

Once you’ve up­graded the fuel pump and front pipe, in­stall a full ex­haust sys­tem next. Again, there are plenty of af­ter­mar­ket op­tions avail­able from the likes of Cobb, Maz­da3Mods, Cus­tom Per­for­mance En­gi­neer­ing (cp-e), and CorkS­port. At this point, the new map from Cobb should mean the car is mak­ing some fairly de­cent power, and run­ning more boost. An ad­di­tional meaty gain can be achieved by re­plac­ing the small top-mounted in­ter­cooler with a much larger top-mount unit or a front-mount kit. Ei­ther will net around 14 or 15kW and de­crease in­take-air tem­per­a­tures con­sid­er­ably. An­other ben­e­fi­cial upgrade for the se­ri­ous en­thu­si­ast is a wa­ter/methanol injection kit, in­stalled just be­fore the throt­tle body — gains of up to 10 to 12kW have been ob­tained with this upgrade.

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