There is a lack of a large rear wing, as it was sim­ply in the line of fire

NZ Performance Car - - Mad Mike Radbul Mx-5 -

de­vel­op­ment to come. We still don’t run sway bars; there are lots of things we can still add, but we don’t want to over­com­pli­cate things.” He added that he likes to have as much ad­justa­bil­ity as pos­si­ble, but, “You just se­ri­ously don’t have enough time to test all of that. You show up to the event, and you have a prac­tice day, where you will get six laps to­tal, if you’re lucky, and ev­ery one of those laps is tan­dem. If you’re try­ing to do a lead lap and just learn the track, you’re still go­ing to have JR [Vaughn Git­tin JR] or JTP [Justin Pawlak] or who­ever on your door, be­cause they are just try­ing to get in as much tan­dem as they can.”

Now with some data be­hind them and the MX-5’s first sea­son in the bag, RADBUL was shipped home to New Zealand over the off sea­son for a re­work, though me­chan­i­cally not a lot has changed. The en­gine was stripped and found to be in per­fect con­di­tion, even af­ter the bru­tal­ity that was forced upon it when the team over­rode the heat cut to en­sure it would stay on full power dur­ing a run. The only changes were the ad­di­tion of flat shift­ing to the Holinger and a re­vised cool­ing pack­age, as Mike told NZPC: “Cool­ing was an is­sue for us last sea­son; even though we had the best gear in there from PWR, we weren’t re­ally uti­liz­ing it. We had the big crash at High­lands be­fore it went up to the States, so we just ran out of time hav­ing to re­build a lot of the dam­age. So, this year, we have a lot more duct­ing, we have put in cool­ers for the gear­box, power steer­ing, and fuel, and an ice box with wa­ter sprayers.”

Chas­sis-wise the team will con­tinue to dial in more grip, and keep throw­ing boost at the four-ro­tor. The MX-5 is the fastest car on the grid and has no prob­lems with the amount of an­gle Mike can drive it on. But one of the big­gest ca­su­al­ties with this combo, com­bined with the short boot length and banked US-style tracks, was the num­ber of Ro­ti­form wheel bar­rels Mike de­stroyed. You will no­tice there isn’t a large rear wing, as it was sim­ply in the line of fire — that’s how of­ten the MX-5 was trad­ing paint with the walls. To com­bat this, the rear dif­fuser is ac­tu­ally mounted on small coilovers, giv­ing it some spring ten­sion to not only help Mike ride the wall but also stop the aero and wheels be­ing de­stroyed run af­ter run.

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