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With more and more top-level builds ap­pear­ing out of the wood­works these days, it’s be­come a race to see who can man­age to pull off the next big thing. Lay­ing down coats of cus­tom paint­work that hasn’t hit the scene yet is a good way to get that job done. DNA Cus­tom Paints spe­cial­izes in mul­ti­ple facets of cus­tom fin­ishes — these guys were born to cre­ate and cus­tom­ize al­most any­thing, and if they can’t be there to do it for you, they at least like to be part of it by man­u­fac­tur­ing a huge range of cut­ting-edge cus­tom paints and spe­cial­ef­fect prod­ucts. With a pri­mary fo­cus on au­to­mo­tive paint, DNA pro­duces 100s of colour op­tions and top coats, from Candies and Vir­tual Chromes, to Mu­tant Crys­tals and Flakes. This stuff is made in Aus­tralia, so DNA Paints un­der­stands the harsh UV ex­po­sure that the south­ern hemi­sphere ex­pe­ri­ences on its painted sur­faces. DNA’s ad­vanced UV in­hibitors and colour fast pig­men­ta­tion give added pro­tec­tion to their coat­ings from the dam­ag­ing rays of the sun, there­fore giv­ing a much longer life to their cus­tom fin­ishes. And for this rea­son DNA’s Candy Colour fast­ness can be much longer than other sim­i­lar cus­tom prod­ucts on the mar­ket to­day. Bruce from DBNZ Coat­ings ex­plained,“A candy is a trans­par­ent dye that is ap­plied over a base coat, the more coats you put on the deeper and richer the colour looks, and yet you can al­ways see through it”. Con­tact DBNZ for your near­est DNA sup­plier.

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