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I want or are there lim­its? Can I im­port any car

from the other two cat­e­gories be granted ex­emp­tions You must be a New Zealand based on a se­ries of cri­te­ria. un­der not have im­ported a car cit­i­zen or res­i­dent and as two years, it must be classed the scheme in the last ve­hi­cle, con­sid­ered a col­lectible ‘high-per­for­mance’, or have a units pro­duced, must with fewer than 20,000 the and the car must be in coupe or con­vert­ible body, as This is the riski­est sce­nario, coun­try prior to ap­ply­ing. per year, and NZTA won’t only 500 per­mits are is­sued you have been is­sued un­til dis­close how many per­mits process.” have al­ready be­gun the Car Im­port Lounge said, Gregg from Im­port 4 Less: it any car you want — be “Tech­ni­cally you can im­port and oth­ers — how­ever, Ja­panese, Euro­pean, Amer­i­can, need to on the roads here, it will if you want to drive it meet one of three cat­e­gories. rule: any car that is over “The first is the 20-year side, what age, engine, drive 20 years of age, no mat­ter New if it is deemed safe for etc. is able to be com­plied Zealand roads. mean­ing t hat a v ehi­cle “This i s a r olling ef­fect, won’t be date of Jan­uary 1997 with the man­u­fac­ture the Jan­uary 2017 it will meet com­pli­able now, but come any­thing 1997 to around re­quire­ments. This elim­i­nates at the present day. 2004 [de­pend­ing on car] is emis­sions re­quire­ments: “The sec­ond cat­e­gory can be man­u­fac­ture year, a car start­ing around the 2004 iden­ti­fied emis­sions. This can be com­plied based on its it does it has a two-let­ter suf­fix, on the chas­sis code. If e mis­sions r equire­ments, not m eet N ew Z ealand’s ve­hi­cles, mainly Euro­pean, how­ever, s ome t wo-digit for a State­ment of Com­pli­ance may be able to ap­ply prior to — this can be ob­tained (SOC) for fuel emis­sions the car leav­ing Ja­pan. will meet New Z ealand’s “A t hree-let­ter s uf­fix This a nd c an be c om­plied. emis­sions r equire­ments make the mis­take of think­ing is where a l ot of peo­ple that cars, like an S15, here, be­cause there are al­ready would and com­plied, but those they can be im­ported which un­der the old im­port rules, have been pur­chased no longer ap­ply. cars in­ter­est ve­hi­cle: some “The third is a special meet and up to 2016 [if it doesn’t be­tween 1997 and 2004, can e.g. left-hand drive cars], the other re­quire­ments,

to be con­sid­ered? What kind of costs need

of about: the pur­chase cost “There are a f ew to think 60,000 (¥XX) and agent fees (¥ the car in Ja­panese yen ship­ping in the ex­change rate, to ¥ 120,000), fac­tor­ing 4 Less fee (at 15 per cent), Im­port ($1395), cus­toms GST re­pairs ($ 300), plus re­quired ($1750), and com­pli­ance ($250).” ($XX), and reg­is­tra­tion

any coun­try in the world? Can I im­port a car from

from the United King­dom “We can also im­port ve­hi­cles do the costs and re­quire­ments and Amer­ica. How­ever, from.” where the car is com­ing change de­pend­ing on

it process take to get How long does the ship­ping into New Zealand?

bid to on the road here “From the day of a suc­cess­ful well. seven weeks, i f all goes will be r oughly f ive t o for Two weeks i n Ja­pan It’s bro­ken down as fol­lows. zone at the the car to a quar­an­tine pur­chase and mov­ing for three things — ra­di­a­tion ports, where it is checked a nd a M AF biose­cu­rity test, o dome­ter c er­ti­fi­ca­tion, for struc­tural dam­age and check. It is also then checked for fur­ther three weeks is al­lowed flagged if nec­es­sary. A if via Aus­tralia, or two weeks ship­ping if the boat trav­els around a You can then ex­pect di­rect to New Zealand. — off at the port and com­plied week or so to get the car re­pairs are re­quired.” as­sum­ing no, or min­i­mal,

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