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it’s about chas­ing a good lap time, and the pack­age is re­ally good for that. It def­i­nitely gives some of the higher-pow­ered cars a run for their money, not so much in a straight line, but through the cor­ners.

What times have you run in the car?

On the old engine I man­aged 1m 24s at Man­feild Au­to­course, 1m 47s at Taupo Mo­tor­sport Park, and even came third over­all in one sum­mer se­ries. Since the new heart went in I’ve only been back to Man­feild Au­to­course, where I ran 1m 19s. There’s def­i­nitely more time in the car!

Those are very re­spectable runs. Any­thing you’re think­ing of up­grad­ing?

Even­tu­ally I’ll start squeez­ing more power out of the engine, or maybe up­grade it to some­thing with a lit­tle more chirp. In the mean­time I’ll just keep on push­ing it at track days to try to cut those times down, un­til it ei­ther breaks, or gets quicker. We’ll see how it goes.

Cheers for the chat An­drew. Is there any­one you would like to thank?

My fam­ily; Nick and the friends who have helped me out to get the car to how it is; Aaron at Ru­mour Has It Café; Kester and Jaron at Au­to­mo­tive Di­rect; David at Thom­sen Au­to­mo­tive; Scott and Jeremy at Tre­maine En­ergy Cen­tre; Adam at Speed Sci­ence; Carl at Sign­fu­sion; Brett at Pit Crew De­sign; An­ton at Geart­ech; Neil at Spraytech Panel and Paint; and Padraic at SAS.

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