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An­drew: I drive a truck ev­ery day of the week for work, and do­ing a con­sis­tent 90kph on the open road just doesn’t sat­isfy you. I like to go fast and push a car to its limit. I’ve owned a range of ve­hi­cles over the years — Toy­otas, Subarus, Mit­subishis, Nis­sans, and Hold­ens — but never par­tic­u­larly liked Hon­das be­cause of the bad rap they al­ways get, thanks to a few munters. A good friend of mine, Nick, got one and did a few years of rac­ing, and I liked how that car ran, so I picked up this one to build my own.

What state was it in when you bought it?

It was orig­i­nally the pre­vi­ous owner’s daily, and he stripped it down to turn it into a track car. That meant that it came with a fresh roll cage done by Craig Pater­son Fab­ri­ca­tion. As for the engine, the first one must have blown up at some stage, be­cause they had sunk a cheap un­known-kilo­me­tre B18C from an au­to­matic in there. That engine served me well for a good four years, ac­tu­ally — apart from hav­ing to put a litre of oil in each race day [laughs].

Nice, the cheap­ies al­ways seem to go the hard­est. How did that engine meet its maker?

One of the valves let go at a track day and had a fight­ing match with a pis­ton. That one was sent to the bin, and in went the cur­rent B18C, which I had picked up as a spare. It’s not a Type R ver­sion, but it goes damn hard — I’m not fussed on big fig­ures, to me

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