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In this day and age your smart­phone is able to do just about any damn thing you wish. They have evolved into some­thing more akin to an elec­tronic Swiss army knife mas­querad­ing as a phone, than a de­vice we use to make calls. In fact, for most, the per­cent­age of time spent ac­tu­ally talk­ing to some­one ver­sus us­ing apps would be very small. In the work­place, and even at home in the shed, the phone is be­com­ing more and more prac­ti­cal as new apps are de­vel­oped. One of them is Mil­wau­kee’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary One-Key app, which al­lows you to not only con­trol tools through the cloud-based soft­ware, but also track and man­age your in­ven­tory — a first for the in­dus­try. Through Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity your OneKey– equipped tools con­nect to the app in real time, al­low­ing you to cus­tom­ize the tool for your job, track it, and keep in­ven­tory up to date.

The guts of it

The One-Key tech­nol­ogy is al­ready avail­able on se­lected tools in the range, in­clud­ing drills, im­pact guns, Sawzall, and the work light. Take, for in­stance, the Sawzall. Not sure what blade to use for your par­tic­u­lar ma­te­rial? Just punch it into the app, and it will give you a rec­om­men­da­tion. Not sure which rpm is best? The app will give you a rec­om­men­da­tion, and then you can set the rpm through the app as one of your pre­sets, or sim­ply have the app ad­just the tool to suit. It’s the same for the drill and im­pact guns. Like any of the smart tools, you can set up to four pre­sets de­pend­ing on the job, which is great for min­i­miz­ing the risk of stripped hard­ware, over-torquing, or worse, un­der-torquing. Once you have these pre­sets set up on the app, you can scroll through the four set­tings on the tool it­self. This level of con­trol will not only in­crease your job qual­ity, it will also mean you save on con­sum­ables like drill bits and saw blades, as the cor­rect speeds and torque are used. Mil­wau­kee states that parts may last up to four times longer, even when your mate who is hard on your gear gets be­hind the trig­ger — yep, we all know one of those. The bat­tery life is another fac­tor im­proved via this con­trol, and Mil­wau­kee re­ports a 25 per cent longer run time.

Keep­ing your tools safe

Another fea­ture is the track­ing func­tion, which tells you ex­actly where all your tools are at any one time. Any time you are within 30 me­tres of the tool, it con­nects to your phone and logs its lo­ca­tion. So you can al­ways see the last time you were within reach of your tool, and if you re­turn to that job site to find it’s not there, sim­ply jump onto the app, mark the tool as miss­ing in your in­ven­tory, and then any­one with the app be­comes part of your search party. As soon as any­one with that app comes within 30 me­tres of your tool, you are sent an alert with a lo­ca­tion. The best bit is that the One-Key tech is built into the tool, not the bat­tery, so it can be flat or not have a bat­tery on it at all, and still send the sig­nal.

Keep­ing track

A big part of the One-Key sys­tem is the in­te­grated in­ven­tory sys­tem, likely to ap­peal more to those run­ning com­pa­nies with mul­ti­ple work­ers rather than one-man bands, but it cer­tainly has its ben­e­fits even for sole traders or back-yarders. It’ll keep track of main­te­nance sched­ules, us­age for a tool, where any and all of your gear is in real time, and it works with any tools, not just Mil­wau­kee. Like we said, this is a big thing for large com­pa­nies with huge in­ven­to­ries and lots of mul­ti­ple jobs on mul­ti­ple sites — there sim­ply has never been a to­tal man­age­ment sys­tem like it.

Where to get it?

The One-Key app is com­pat­i­ble with most An­droid and iOS smart­phones, and can be down­loaded for free from the Ap­ple Store or Google Play. For more info, jump onto mil­wau­

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