Name: Luke Col­lis Lo­ca­tion: Waikato Oc­cu­pa­tion: Chris­tian com­mu­ni­ca­tor

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NZPC: Hi, Luke. Do you have much of a his­tory with cars and mod­i­fy­ing them?

Luke: Yes. It’s crazy to think how many cars I’ve owned over the years — eas­ily over 60 by now. When I was younger, peo­ple tried to tell me that it was im­pos­si­ble to make money on cars; I’ve proved them wrong. Go­ing through so many has also meant that I’ve had the op­por­tu­nity to own and drive a bunch of re­ally fun cars, in­clud­ing a cou­ple of Turbo DA and DC2 In­te­gras, a ’95-spec In­te­gra Type R, B18Cpow­ered Civics, WRXs, a Subaru Forester con­verted into a ute, and a few Toy­ota Seras — they’re pretty cool, with fac­tory gull-wing doors. I’m also cur­rently build­ing an H23A EG Civic.

Nice. How did you come up with the idea to do the Euro R con­ver­sion on this Ac­cord wagon?

My wife and I pur­chased the car, as they make a great family runaround, but, after own­ing it for a cou­ple of years, the trans­mis­sion ended up blow­ing. I thought in­stead of spend­ing $1500 to re­build the trans­mis­sion, why not just buy a crashed man­ual Euro R and con­vert it all over? The Ac­cord never of­fered a man­ual op­tion from fac­tory. I picked up a crashed Euro R for a lit­tle less than the price of a trans­mis­sion re­build, and the rest is his­tory.

Was it a hard swap, and were there any set­backs?

Most of it was in­ter­change­able. For the first part of the build, I had no garage, so I had no choice but to work on the back lawn, which wasn’t ideal.

It’s a bona fide sleeper. What’s the re­sponse been like from other Honda own­ers?

Some who are new to the game have tried to tell me that it [must have] come out of the fac­tory like it is [laughs]. Oth­ers have to sec­ond-guess their mem­ory to see if Honda did come out with a Euro R wagon. The build gen­er­ated a lot of in­ter­est from the Honda com­mu­nity, and the build thread on NZHon­das was fol­lowed by many. Peo­ple posted say­ing that they [had] had the same idea in the past, but no one had ac­tu­ally fol­lowed through.

We’re not sur­prised by the con­fu­sion, it’s very well done. Do you have plans for it in the fu­ture?

It’s been a lot of fun and a real learn­ing curve, but I’m look­ing to sell it and move on to another project. Hope­fully, the new owner up­grades the ex­haust sys­tem to some­thing a lit­tle qui­eter and low key, to re­ally bring out the sleeper feel — maybe go for the fac­tory Euro R sys­tem.

Thanks for shar­ing it with us, Luke.


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