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This out-of-the-or­di­nary cre­ation — be­ing a 180SX that’s not in­tended for drift­ing, shock-hor­ror! — was spot­ted be­ing built at Quest Fab­ri­ca­tion. The boys there were com­plet­ing the last bits of fab­ri­ca­tion needed ahead of panel, paint, and wiring. The owner, Daniel Jones, told us that he in­tends to run the 180 in NZ Su­per­lap’s Open Class once it’s com­plete, and he’s set a goal of a mid-Fe­bru­ary shake­down.

Not un­like its drift­ing coun­ter­parts, the sus­pen­sion pack­age fea­tures a mix of Hardrace and GK Tech ad­justable and rose-jointed arms with GReddy coilovers. The en­gine is a dry sumped RB26, which Daniel as­sem­bled him­self us­ing a new R33 N1 crank, Woss­ner pis­tons, Car­rillo rods, Cos­worth race bear­ings, and ARP hard­ware. Up top, the now ported-and-pol­ished head is an all-Tomei party, crammed with Tomei dual valve springs, re­tain­ers, and valve sleeves, plus Tomei 260-de­gree in­take and 270-de­gree ex­haust pro-cam — the fac­tory ITB in­take man­i­fold has been re­tained in the name of boost re­sponse.

That boost will be pro­vided by a Gar­rett T04Z with a .8 rear hous­ing and In­vis­i­ble Man Rac­ing (IMR) equal-length man­i­fold with twin 38mm TiAL wastegate com­bi­na­tion. Quest Fab­ri­ca­tion has built the stain­less-steel ex­haust that fol­lows on from the sys­tem, along with han­dling all the pres­sure side of things. A TTi five-speed se­quen­tial with Til­ton triple-plate backs the RB and has been solid-mounted by Quest.

The car was pur­chased with the sub­frame bent, which pro­vided the per­fect ex­cuse to switch it for an R33 item, com­plete with R200 and Cusco two-way head. The eight-point roll cage was crafted by Quest a few years ago, while an al­loy false floor hides the RCI fuel cell that lives within the cabin. Easy to miss at first glance are the lit­tle de­tails, such as the light­weight al­loy pre-pump fil­ter mounts that ac­tu­ally tie off the fuel-cell brack­ets.

Daniel has opted to run a full Rocket Bunny V1 kit, sourced through Dod­son Per­for­mance; how­ever, it wasn’t quite wide enough for the cus­tom Work Wheels — mea­sur­ing 18x10.5 inches with a ridicu­lous -57 off­set — that are on their way to New Zealand, so he has also added 80mm wide rear fend­ers.

The car’s close to com­ple­tion, and we’ll make sure to fol­low up with Daniel once it has hit the track, but, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s shap­ing up to be a monster, and a very good-look­ing one at that.

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