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“It was as though some­one had taken ran­dom Ja­panese hero cars from the past and mashed them to­gether, like a child would [use] dif­fer­ent coloured play dough to cre­ate an en­tirely new en­tity.” These words — penned by old mate Pedey — pretty well summed up this su­per­tough CR-X in one sen­tence. It was built by Kris Reddy and Anish Swamy, and, if the Civic front, Civic Feels wide­body, or drag wheels didn’t al­ready scream tough, the 300-kilo­watt 4G63 un­der the hood cer­tainly had that cov­ered.

We’re not sure what hap­pened to this lit­tle beast, but we would love to know. Sadly, it would seem not many guys would be brave enough to at­tempt such a project in this day and age.


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