1970 Toy­ota Corona (RT40)

Name: Keith Wor­thing­ton Lo­ca­tion: Christchurch Oc­cu­pa­tion: Builder’s ap­pren­tice

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NZPC: Hi, Keith. How did you end up own­ing this old girl — there can’t be many oth­ers still around like it?

Keith: Hey, guys. I know of a cou­ple of rusty ones sit­ting around in pad­docks, but most of the road­wor­thy ones kick­ing about in Christchurch are owned ­— or, should I say, hoarded — by my mate Ryan and me. I had a dead old rusty RT40 Corona given to me by my neigh­bour when I was about 14 years old. Try­ing to find parts for that one led me to this, and since it was in a much, much bet­ter state, I snapped it up — thanks, Ben!

What com­pelled you to chuck the Star Sharks on and lower it af­ter pur­chase?

Star Sharks have al­ways been a favourite wheel of mine. It’s an old-school Ja­panese car, and, when I bought it, it came on a set of one-piece Work Equip 01s in the same size. I switch them in and out ev­ery now and then just to change it up and keep the look fresh.

And we see it’s still run­ning the orig­i­nal 2R power plant?

Yep, it still has the mighty 2R — ab­so­lute work­horse of a thing it is, too. It doesn’t have a lot of punch in it, but me and a few mates will quite of­ten load both bench seats up with six peo­ple and cruise about the place. We al­ways get there with­out a prob­lem; it’s just never the fastest op­tion [laughs].

Do you get a lot of at­ten­tion from the older guys who would have owned them back in the ’70s?

A lot for sure, and it’s awe­some. I couldn’t count how many times older fel­las have come up to me and said that they haven’t seen one for years, then how they used to drive them around the place, how good and re­li­able they were to use, etc.

How does she com­pare with more mod­ern ex­am­ples in terms of driv­ing en­joy­ment?

Mod­ern stuff doesn’t come close to the en­joy­ment or looks you get from driv­ing it around. It’s very ba­sic, be­ing a 46-year-old car — no power steer­ing, power-as­sisted brakes, or air con. It’s had a lot of work put into the steer­ing, sus­pen­sion, and brakes to make sure it’s all tight and firm, mak­ing for a nicer ride. Ev­ery­one that I’ve chucked the keys to en­joys it and finds it a laugh to drive.

She’s a real keeper. Thanks for shar­ing, Keith.

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