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If you’re a long time reader of NZ Per­for­mance Car then I would like to apol­o­gise for harp­ing on about my E36 project for the past four years. The project has haunted my thoughts dur­ing nearly ev­ery wak­ing hour. That’s 16,000 hours of con­scious thought in which my mind has wan­dered back and forth through ev­ery con­ceiv­able way to build each com­po­nent, how to change things, and how we can build some­thing dif­fer­ent to the norm.

I have never been afraid to chop some­thing up and bin it, only to start from scratch again if I felt it wasn’t right, or learned so much build­ing it that I couldn’t not redo it.

That’s ef­fec­tively meant we have built three cars in the past four years. First the 30% com­pleted 1UZ-FE drift hack, then the over-the-top com­pli­cated comp-spec drift car, and now I feel I have a happy medium that will be re­ally fun to blast around the track with.

While this might seem ridicu­lous and stupid to some, to me, it’s all been part of the learn­ing process and a steep one, which has cov­ered ev­ery­thing from TIG weld­ing, car­bon and com­pos­ite work, and wiring. While I’ll never claim to be an ex­pert in any­thing, ob­tain­ing a solid foun­da­tion of trusted knowl­edge to build on, has been very help­ful. I’m thank­ful that I know some re­ally tal­ented folk who have taken the time to lay down that knowl­edge and have shared tools with, and opended up their work­shops to me. I’m hon­ored they have given up their time to teach me any­thing I wanted to give a go, and told me when I need to but­ton off with the over-am­bi­tious ideas. I’m a firm be­liever in lis­ten­ing to a small group of trusted peo­ple for ad­vice, rather than ask­ing ev­ery man and his dog for in­put. Holl Rac­ing, Quest Fab­ri­ca­tion, GT Refin­ish­ers, Green Broth­ers Rac­ing, Hell BM, KBM Mo­tor­sport, HPA, and TTT have all been key to what we have sit­ting in the shed. With­out th­ese guys, it would cer­tainly not be the car it is to­day. Sure, it’s not per­fect, and you can clearly see I was learn­ing on just about ev­ery com­po­nent, but it’s all there, and, more im­por­tant, it’s ready to rock!

How will the parts I’ve made per­form? Who knows, but the start but­ton has been pushed, the engine fired, and now I’m hang­ing out to hit the track for a shakedown. I’m un­der no il­lu­sions about how suc­cess­ful it’ll be at first; I’m fac­ing a whole new set of learn­ing curves in terms of tun­ing and tweak­ing, but I’m ready for that chal­lenge, so, while I won’t say the project is fin­ished — af­ter all, it’s a race car — I’m just happy that I will be pound­ing Bruce McLaren Mo­tor­sport Park in only a few weeks’ time af­ter writ­ing this (un­less the car blows sky high on the dyno, that is!). My bud­get has never been big; we have scrimped and saved, at­tempt­ing to build the best damn car we could with all the strong­est parts the wal­let al­lowed. We’ve spent far too many hours and way too much cash beaver­ing away on it. So, here’s to go­ing balls deep and build­ing the car you want — just get in that shed and do your damn best.

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