NZ Performance Car - - 1984 Toyota Corolla Levin (AE86) -

ENGINE: Milling­ton Di­a­mond Se­ries II+ BLOCK: Al­loy block, forged steel crank, forged rods, forged high-com­pres­sion pistons HEAD: Milling­ton al­loy head, Milling­ton Di­a­mond camshafts, Milling­ton val­ve­train, ad­justable camshaft pul­leys IN­TAKE: In­di­vid­ual roller-bar­rel throt­tles, cast al­loy ta­pered man­i­fold, port-matched, ITG dual-stage air fil­ter EX­HAUST: Simp­son Race stain­less ex­trac­tors, three-inch slip-jointed stain­less ex­haust, Adrenal­inR rear muf­fler FUEL: Mod­i­fied 65-litre OEM fuel tank, af­ter­mar­ket fuel pump, Jen­vey fuel-pres­sure reg­u­la­tor, in­ter­nal braided fuel lines and AN fit­tings IG­NI­TION: Denso coil on plug system ECU: DTA Fast Se­ries 60 ECU, switch­able wet map set­ting COOL­ING: Milling­ton Spec Ra­di­a­tor by AH Fabri­ca­tions in the UK, 16-row Mo­cal oil cooler, nine-row Mo­cal gear­box cooler, cus­tom mount­ing by Wil­fab De­loomed, cus­tom oil catch can, cus­tom over­flow bot­tle

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