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We all have dif­fer­ent tastes in cars, thoughts on replica or coun­ter­feit parts, and ways we like to build things. It’s th­ese traits — par­tic­u­larly the first and last — that make the car world an in­ter­est­ing one. If we all built the same damn ve­hi­cle, things would get very bor­ing, very fast. In fact, I hazard a guess that this mag­a­zine would not ex­ist, and nei­ther would the scene, if that was the norm. But it’s this very dif­fer­ence that seems to give birth to plenty of neg­a­tiv­ity on so­cial me­dia, and I sus­pect that a touch of tall-poppy syn­drome is also in­volved.

In this mod­ern age we live in, so­cial me­dia is in our faces 24/7, so we see plenty of sweet, sweet cars posted, shared, and loved by most. But along­side all the love, there is a huge amount of neg­a­tive feed­back served up by ig­no­rant peo­ple. It’s got to the point that I cringe most times I post a Kiwi car onto the NZ Per­for­mance Car Face­book page, as you never know just how big the bar­rage of neg­a­tive feed­back will be. Per­haps it’s a side ef­fect of the large reach our page has that those pesky Amer­i­cans get their dig­ging spades out — with of­ten ig­no­rant and un­in­formed blab­ber. You know, the type of stuff that would get you punched square in the nose if it was said per­son-to-per­son.

It’s not just the Amer­i­cans do­ing it ei­ther; there are plenty of Ki­wis who lack the skills to hold their tongue or, should I say, fin­gers. Don’t get me wrong — it’s fine to have an opin­ion; in fact, I ap­plaud any­one who has enough back­bone to form one. But is it re­ally nec­es­sary to tear some­one down on a pub­lic fo­rum be­cause you don’t like their way of do­ing things? What do you re­ally achieve? If peo­ple held their fin­gers back a lit­tle, I feel the scene would be a much more pos­i­tive place.

But that’s seem­ingly the world we now live in; a place where peo­ple feel that the in­ter­net is sim­ply an open in­vi­ta­tion to them to spout bull­shit.

We have a pol­icy that means we don’t heav­ily mod­er­ate such stuff, but we also don’t tol­er­ate it, and of­ten jump on in and bite back — even when we know it will get us nowhere — fast. We also love it when the own­ers get in there and stand strong. I could sit here and type things like ‘we need to be pos­i­tive’, ‘we need to stop this type of be­hav­iour for the good of the scene’, and so on blah blah blah, but, in re­al­ity, it’ll fall on deaf ears — haters gonna hate.

So, what can we do to curb this rub­bish? Should we be more heavy-handed when mod­er­at­ing such com­ments? Peo­ple are, af­ter all, en­ti­tled to an opin­ion, and this is in no way a dic­ta­tor­ship. Or do we sim­ply need to let it go — ig­nore the bull­shit and move on in a more pos­i­tive light?

Af­ter all that, you can un­der­stand my trep­i­da­tion when de­cid­ing whether to fea­ture my own car in this very is­sue. Yes, the E36 is real, and yes it’s a com­pleted(ish) project. Is it cheeky to fea­ture my own build? Fark knows, but I do know that if any of you built it and then sub­mit­ted it, I’d be knock­ing on your front door in no time flat. So, to the haters, suck it up, it’s only five pages. And to any­one else who may have been wait­ing for this mo­ment, flick to page 36 to see what I get up to when not writ­ing about your cars — af­ter all, I have to have some fun my­self, right?

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