26B PP Cosmo

NZ Performance Car - - Under Construction -

Ki­wis have be­come known as those to go to for build­ing quad ro­tors, and ever since James Parker heard ‘Mad Mike’ Whid­dett’s ‘BADBUL’ com­pet­ing in D1, he’s said he will build his own. That plan even­tu­ated ear­lier this year with the pur­chase of a ’92 Eunos Cosmo (JC). It ar­rived as a rolling body, orig­i­nally hous­ing a 20B, and only has 68,000km on the clock.

The first task was to strip the in­te­rior, which in­cluded no less than 50kg of wiring and com­put­ers alone, be­fore con­vert­ing the body to ac­cept a man­ual trans­mis­sion — us­ing an FC master cylin­der and an RX-8 clutch pedal.

The en­gine is a pe­riph­eral port (PP) based on FC com­po­nents, and will re­main nat­u­rally as­pi­rated to avoid any muf­fling of that scream­ing note. The 9.7:1-com­pres­sion FC ro­tors have un­der­gone light ma­chine work, while the cen­tre and end plates are from a Se­ries 4 and 5, re­spec­tively, and the PP hous­ings from a Se­ries 5.

The ec­cen­tric shaft, is a Pre­ci­sion Engi­neer­ing unit, and it’s one of the few bits that James hasn’t pro­duced him­self. He even pro­duced the adapter used to mate up the Tex Rac­ing T101 box — which has a mag­ne­sium case, mean­ing that it will weigh in at about the same as a fac­tory RX-7 equiv­a­lent — as well as the dry-sump pan and as­so­ci­ated pump mounts, which keep the Peter­son four-stage R4 oil pump tucked away safely, with the idea of main­tain­ing enough pres­sure at the tar­geted 10,000rpm. EFI Hard­ware in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies dom­i­nate the in­duc­tion sys­tem, and the en­tire she­bang will be tied to­gether by a Link ECU.

It’s still very much a project in the works, but, with the quad ro­tor now as­sem­bled and many of the nec­es­sary ac­ces­sories fit­ted, we ex­pect to see all the me­chan­i­cals chucked into the Cosmo body in the very near fu­ture.

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