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Few cars have a cult fol­low­ing for one rea­son or another, and, for every fan base, there is the hard­core that would dare not tar­nish their ‘per­fect’ vi­sion. But the Honda Civic is not one of those cars, and Cody Gibbs isn’t part of those fan bases, so slot­ting the V6 heart of the su­per-hyped NSX into an EG sedan body that’s been con­verted to rear-wheel drive with a com­plete dis­re­gard for the afore­men­tioned fan­boys was al­most des­tined to be.

The project be­gan as Cody tin­kered with dif­fer­ent chas­sis over the years, finding a favourite with the EG sedans, but, although he liked how they drove, he had the de­sire to do some­thing dif­fer­ent — rear-wheel-drive dif­fer­ent. A bit of mea­sur­ing and ‘cre­ative’ re­search later, and a plan was set in stone that would later re­solve it­self into a Nissan R200 rear-end on a cus­tom cross mem­ber — for the pure fact that it was an easy fit, with plenty of fac­tory ex­am­ples around, and a ton of af­ter­mar­ket sup­port in the way of up­grades.

Cody did the lot with the help of mates — he told us that it’s not a work­shop build by any means, and that it has been slow and steady process to en­sure that it has got done the way he wants.

The en­gine started out as a mys­tery, and it was only by chance that Cody stum­bled across a C30A, which had been used in a power­boat and stripped back to pieces. It was sold with the knowl­edge that it had ‘is­sues’, so Cody de­cided to re­build it inside and out. The bot­tom end was dig­i­tally bal­anced and specced, hav­ing been line-bored, honed, and decked, with new OEM parts in­stalled through­out. An ATI damper puller was fit­ted, while the oil fil­ter was re­lo­cated with a cooler paired up with the SOS up­rated oil pump gears and a baf­fled sump. It also runs a Moroso oil ac­cu­mu­la­tor to en­sure every piece stays oiled.

Up top, the heads have re­ceived a mild port­ing, with big­ger valves, dou­ble springs, SOS solid-spring LMA, and cus­tom re-ground camshafts from Franklin Cams. The shafts were made prior to the in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies that it now runs — which are cus­tom 48-mil­lime­tre units from a Toy­ota 4A-GE — with a small sac­ri­fice down low to chase po­ten­tial power up top. As for what’s back­ing it, Cody will run a Honda S2000 six-speed box, which meant the tun­nel and rear floor­pan have been mod­i­fied to al­low for the new chunks of metal sit­ting un­der them, and a cus­tom sin­gle-piece drive­shaft was whipped up to de­liver the power down. In­te­gra Type R hubs and brakes make sure things will slow down when re­quired, and sus­pen­sion is un­der con­trol through the use of BC Gold coilovers. Although it’s been fired up and rolls un­der its own power, there are still a few things left to sort be­fore hit­ting the track, and Cody told us that “once it’s run in and I can get some good power runs in, we will know if we got it right … just need some time and money for the rest of the tun­ing.”

You’ll be sure to see a fol­low-up fea­ture once every­thing is one-hun­nit.

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