Ai­den Reidy’s ‘E4TDST’ Evo

NZ Performance Car - - 4 & Rotary Nationals 2017 -

Although he has been cam­paign­ing this Evo I for over 10 years now, Ai­den Reidy first found his love for drag rac­ing while pi­lot­ing his Honda In­te­gra ‘street racer’. He quickly re­al­ized that, although fun, the In­te­gra wasn’t go­ing to cut it for the times he wanted to run, so de­cided he needed a bit of four-wheel drive in his life. First thoughts wan­dered to­wards a Nissan GT-R, but, at the age of 21, his pock­ets weren’t quite flush enough for such a pur­chase, so he in­stead started look­ing to­wards Evos, STIs, and even Mazda GTXs. “I tested a few out, but noth­ing other than the Evo could han­dle my ‘un­tamed’ driv­ing style, so that’s when I de­cided to stick with it,” he told us.

Com­pletely stock to be­gin with, Ai­den’s Evo didn’t re­main like that for long, af­ter another Un­tamed mem­ber, Adies, took him for a ride in his own re­cently com­pleted Evo — “from there, I got the bug,” Ai­den said.

Ai­den’s me­chan­i­cals have seen a se­ri­ous amount of de­vel­op­ment over the years. In its cur­rent form, the en­gine houses a forged bot­tom end, with 280-de­gree cams, Gar­rett T04Z turbo atop a cus­tom Dynopower man­i­fold, HKS Hyper­gate 60-mil­lime­tre wastegate, and Bosch 1600cc in­jec­tors flow­ing E85. The driv­e­train side of the puz­zle is a PPG dog­box–and–Til­ton triple-plate clutch combo, and, im­pres­sively, it still runs the fac­tory trans­fer case, axles, and rear diff.

Said Ai­den, “The hard­est part of build­ing it up is trust­ing some­one to tune it. From the first ex­pe­ri­ence I had with Brent at Dynopower, I would al­ways go back to him to ask what else could be done, right up un­til to­day. The car is what it is to­day be­cause of it.”

To date, Ai­den’s per­sonal best sits at 10.3s at 145mph (233kph) on an older set-up, and, with him admitting there’s room for im­prove­ment on his 60-foot with the new set-up, he is aim­ing to break into the nines.

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