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Known for tak­ing ex–cop cars and turn­ing them into tyre-slay­ing weapons, Fanga Dan doesn’t do things by halves. That’s why, when pre­sented with the is­sue of what lock kit to run, he and the team de­cided that it was go­ing to be best to make their own. This con­sists of scratch-built chro­moly lower A-arms, with a rose-jointed front end, and the front car­ri­ers have been milled out to cre­ate their own lock kit. Ack­er­mann was a large por­tion of the cal­cu­la­tion, and a lot of re­search was poured into what the guys in the States run in their late-model Ca­maros, which Fanga tells us has a sim­i­lar chas­sis. They tested the pivot points in dif­fer­ent places to find the sweet spot, and now that it’s set, they don’t touch it — although there is still some Ack­er­mann dialled into the sweet spot.

“If some­one throws an ugly run in front of you, you don’t want to have a set-up that means you can’t deal with it. Over the years of test­ing, we’ve found that we can max the angle and whip her around like a short wheel­base car, but it be­comes un­driv­able in bat­tles,” Fanga says. “We ran a whole sea­son like that and would qual­ify well, but run into is­sues dur­ing bat­tles, so we sac­ri­ficed a small amount of lock for a smoother drive.”

S14 Tein Su­per Drifts adorn the front and rear strut tow­ers, which carry a spe­cial ex­emp­tion due to the need to al­ter the tow­ers to suit.

“Com­modores usu­ally have an ugly plas­tic bear­ing that runs in a case, but they al­ways smash — if you’re hit­ting rum­ble strips, they will just blow to bits. We haven’t shifted the tow­ers, we’ve just made it so in­stead of a sin­gle nut with washer, it now has a three-bolt top to al­low for proper top hats.”

The steer­ing rack has been shifted to get the an­gles right, while a set of cus­tom sway bars can be found in the front and rear.

“The front one runs through the inside of the en­gine bay, un­der­neath the crank pul­ley, comes back up through some swivels, and drops through the tow­ers on an angle so it doesn’t in­ter­fere with the lock.”


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